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Welcome queens!

It's me, Maddie Miles, founder of peace. love. hormones.. Our mission is to empower each and every person with a period to gain control over your menstrual health through education and my top-quality, functional herbal supplements.  

By joining my exclusive network, you get access to PREMIUM content including recipes, blogs, podcasts, lives, and my eBooks. Additionally, you'll get insider discounts!

The average woman will have 300-400 periods throughout her reproductive lifespan. They are are fifth vital sign and SO VITAL for our health. 

Why you need this app...

Because this is your ONE-STOP place for all things menstrual wellness! You'll get exclusive content, live recordings, phase-specific recipes that are sectioned into specific folders, how to track your cycle, how to live in harmony with your cycle, non-toxic period product recommendations, Ayurvedic medicine and other forms of holistic medicine to help you feel your HEALTHIEST EVER, and SO MUCH MORE!

So much love for you all...

For supporting the PLH brand mission. I COULDN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU ALL <3 Now let's get to optimizing your physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic health! 


This is only $5/month for your HEALTH AND WELL-BEING! Little cost to change your life!

To put things in perspective...that Matcha is $5...that yoga class is $20...that new shirt is $70...etc. We get to choose what we invest our time, money, and energy into. I hope you choose to spend some WITH me <3

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